Any plant that covers or coats the surface of aluminum or steel elements intended for architectural purposes with liquid or powder organic coatings or anodic coatings may apply for a license. The procedure for granting a QUALICOAT / QUALANOD / QUALIDECO / QUALISTEELCOAT license consists of the following stages:

1. The plant shall verify that the procedures it uses to control the production process and test the quality of coatings are in accordance with the Technical Requirements of the relevant quality system.Texts of requirements in Polish are available under the TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS tab

2. The company applies for admission to the membership of the QUALIPOL Association and pays the relevant fees (registration and membership fees). Affiliation of licensed plants to the QUALIPOL Association is obligatory. All formalities related to granting and maintaining the quality certificate for licensed plants are carried out by the secretariat of the QUALIPOL Association, which in Poland is the general licensee of the QUALICOAT / QUALANOD / QUALIDECO / QUALISTEELCOAT quality certifications.

3. The QUALIPOL Association shall apply to the QUALICOAT or QUALANOD or QUALIDECO or QUALISTEELCOAT Secretariat for granting a license for the plant declaring its readiness to submit to the inspection procedure.

4. Inspectors from the testing laboratory inspect the plant in accordance with the relevant quality label procedures and report to the secretariat of the respective quality label.

5. Following the satisfactory completion of the inspection procedure, the applying plant is granted a QUALICOAT or QUALANOD or QUALIDECO or QUALISTEELCOAT license and issued a license number. The plant can now use the relevant quality label.

6. Plants with a QUALICOAT license may apply for the extension of the obtained certification with a QUALIDECO license, as well as a confirmation of the surface preparation performed in accordance with SEASIDE.


Detailed information on the granting and maintenance of a QUALICOAT / QUALANOD / QUALIDECO / QUALISTEELCOAT license for coating plants as well as for manufacturers of coating materials and manufacturers of surface preparation chemicals can be found in the Technical Requirements of the respective quality marks. Each of the quality marks administered by the QUALIPOL Association has its own specific requirements regarding the method and conditions of coating application, control methods, and the necessary laboratory equipment. We invite you to read carefully the relevant Technical Requirements, where you can find answers to all questions related to the QUALICOAT / QUALANOD / QUALIDECO / QUALISTEELCOAT quality label procedures. Please visit the TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS tab where you can find individual documents in the most current version.